Enriching Education with Batoto Yetu’s Africa in the Schools Residency Program

Are you ready to embark on an educational adventure that will transform the way your students perceive Africa? Look no further than Batoto Yetu’s Africa in the Schools Residency Program! This groundbreaking initiative is revolutionizing education by bringing vibrant African culture, music, and dance directly into classrooms. Prepare to ignite curiosity, foster inclusion, and empower young minds through a unique blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary creativity. Join us as we dive into the enriching world of Batoto Yetu’s residency program and discover how it can unlock endless possibilities for both teachers and students alike Mangago.

Introduction to Batoto Yetu and Africa in the Schools Residency Program

Batoto Yetu is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides an Africa in the Schools residency program. The program sends artists from Africa to work with K-12 schools in the United States. The artists work with teachers and students to create lesson plans and curricula that focus on the arts, culture, and history of Africa. The program aims to promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, as well as to provide an opportunity for African artists to share their talents with American students.

Africa in the Schools residency program was founded in 2000 by Batoto Yetu Executive Director Mary Nsaba. It is one of the only programs of its kind in the United States and has served thousands of students and teachers across the country. The program has received support from major foundations such as the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and Mellon Foundation. In addition, it has been featured in publications such as Education Week and The New York Times.

Benefits of Participating in the Program

The Africa in the Schools Residency Program offers many benefits to participating educators. Through the program, educators have the opportunity to learn about and experience African culture first-hand. They also gain valuable teaching experience working with diverse students from different cultural backgrounds. In addition, the program provides educators with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their students by providing them with an enriching and unique educational experience.

Overview of the Program and Requirements

The Batoto Yetu Africa in the Schools Residency Program is a unique opportunity for educators to bring the beauty and richness of African culture into their classrooms. The program provides a comprehensive overview of the continent, its people, and its history, as well as the resources and support necessary to effectively teach about Africa in the classroom.

Through the program, educators will gain a deep understanding of Africa and its cultures, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to effectively teach about the continent in their classrooms. In addition, they will have access to a wealth of resources and support from Batoto Yetu staff members.

How to Get Started with Batoto Yetu

If you’re interested in bringing Batoto Yetu’s Africa in the Schools Residency Program to your school, there are a few things you need to do to get started. First, you’ll need to fill out our online application. Once we receive your application, we’ll review it and get back to you with more information. For more details click here.

If you’re approved to participate in the program, we’ll work with you to schedule a time for our team to come to your school. During our time at your school, we’ll lead a series of interactive workshops for your students. These workshops will focus on African culture and history, and how they can be used to enrich education.

We hope that after participating in our program, your students will have a better understanding of African culture and history. They’ll also be better equipped to use this knowledge to enrich their education and make positive changes in their communities.

Examples of Successful Programs

Since its inception in 2002, Batoto Yetu’s Africa in the Schools Residency Program has brought African dance, music, and drumming to over 60 schools in the greater Boston area. The program’s success can be attributed to its ability to engage students and teachers alike in active learning.

Through hands-on experience, students are exposed to new cultures and concepts, while teachers are able to gain a deeper understanding of the material they are teaching. The program has also been successful in building cross-cultural relationships between students and staff. These relationships provide valuable opportunities for learning about different perspectives and experiences.

Evaluation & Assessment Process

The evaluation and assessment process for Batoto Yetu’s Africa in the Schools Residency Program is two-fold. First, our team of educators conducts a needs assessment in order to identify the areas in which the school could most benefit from our program. Then, we create customized lesson plans and materials that target those specific areas. Throughout the duration of the residency, we continuously assess the progress of the students and make adjustments to the program as needed. At the end of the residency, we evaluate the overall success of the program and provide feedback to the school.


We have seen how Africa in the Schools Residency Program from Batoto Yetu is an innovative and inspiring way to enrich education. It encourages students to think critically as they explore African cultures, provides teachers with valuable resources, and helps create a more inclusive classroom for all involved. Ultimately, this program serves as a wonderful example of how educational experiences can be enriched when cultural diversity is embraced and celebrated.


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