Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Custom Business Card Boxes

Custom business card boxes play an essential role in the advertisement and expansion of the business and its products. Despite living in the digital world, there is no sign of a decrease in the relevancy of business cards because of a lack of trend regarding the exchange of contact on digital media. That’s why every Businessman still uses these cards for the purpose of marketing and building connections.

Every businessman needs custom-printed business card boxes to represent their company in the market. Your business card is your extension and every business feels incomplete without them. Basically, business cards carry all the important information about your brand and act as your brand’s personal billboard.  

So when you use a well-crafted business card, it enhances the worth of your brand in different ways. Here are some of the mistakes which you need to avoid while designing your  amazons azr100x business card. 

1-Skipping Essential Information of Custom Business Card Boxes:

Your business card must contain all the essential information related to your brand. So finalizing the design of the business card make sure that it contains all the required information related to your brand. You can get Business card boxes wholesale rate from the different markets of the USA at a cheaper price.   

Here are some of the most essential information you need to put on your business cards,

  • Company name 
  • Brand logo 
  • Job title 
  • Company Address
  • Contact information 
  • Website URL and Social Media handles 

Try to add the contact that is most active and connected to your Custom Business Card Boxes only.   

2-Use Of Out-dated Information:

Don’t put any outdated information on your card box holders. Because cardholders build the first impression of your business card. When you use old information like a previous company address or old contact number on your cardholders, it leaves a bad impression of your brand.

As cardholders are available at cheap rates, so instead of using an outdated version try to recycle them and use a recent one.

3-Grammatical Errors:

Before you design your card, try to proofread all the information that you provide in custom cardboard boxes. Basically, every card is made of cardboard kraft paper because of its higher durability and environmentally benevolent nature.

The purpose of proofreading is to avoid any grammatical errors. when your information has grammatical errors, it leaves a bad impression on your Custom Business Card Boxes.     

4-Low Quality Image:

Don’t use low-quality graphics or images on cardboard boxes, because if you use low-quality images it will ultimately ruin the whole design of your card. So if you want to use any picture use only high-quality resolution pictures, because the chances of pixelation are less when you use them.

When you use high-resolution pictures it eventually enhances the overall design of your business cards.    

5-Lower Quality Material:

Use high-quality cardboard corrugated material for the making of your business cards. You can also use small cardboard boxes to enhance the protection of your cards. Cardboard boxes not only protect your card but also serve as a source of branding for your amazons gpt55x brand.

When you use lower-quality material in the design of cards, it consequently impacts the image of your brand. 

6-Use Of Dull Design:

The design of cardboard storage boxes carries great significance in the building of a better image of your brand in the eyes of your customers. You are compromising the image of your brand when you use dull design for your boxes.

So, You need to be very cautious regarding the design of Custom Business Card Boxes. On the opposite side, when you use attractive design, it ultimately creates a better image of your brand.  

7-Misprint Or Tiny print:

Misprint or tiny print impacts badly on the design of your card and its boxes. So try to avoid any kind of misprint and the best way to avoid that is first to check the sample of the printed Custom Business Card Boxes.

Apart from misprints one more thing that you need to make sure of is the visibility of text on your custom business card boxes. Make sure that the size of your text is large enough to be read by the naked eye.  

8-Ignoring The Latest Trends:

In the end, make certain that the design of custom-printed business card boxes follows all the digital trends and techniques. With the proper use of detailed trends and techniques, you can easily build a better connection between your brand and Matka customers.  


The design of custom business card boxes plays an important role in the success of a brand. When you design your business card while avoiding all the mistakes I mentioned above, it ultimately enhances the prestige of your card and brand as well. Furthermore, with the help of customization, you can easily provide an elegant look to your Custom Business Card Boxes.


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